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Stano Family Tree (Genealogy Site)
Piotrowska Family Name

John Piotrowski and Anna Olejarnik are the beginning of the Piotrowski research and how the Stano family is connected to them.

Mary Stojak - circa 1936
Maiden name - Piotrowska

Piotrowska Family:
Cieszanow, Galicia, Poland
John Piotrowski and Anna Olejarnik had two children.  Mary (September 08, 1892 - October 07, 1945) and Augustine (died 1972).
There was mention of two possible brothers to John, Kasimer and Victor.  There is not much known of these two men, whether they were actual brother's to John or Mary.
As the family story is understood, Mary's father John felt she would do better in America and at the tender age of 16 years old he placed his daughter on a ship bound for America.  As tough as a parent would have to be to place his children into a new land it must have torn his heart knowing he will never see his children again.  Augustine came later on to America.
Augustine visited with his sister in America and migrated to Canada where on July 21, 1943 he met and married a woman by the name of Stella.
Mary also had a sister-in-law (Rose) living in Wisconsin, whom she would visit with my mother. 
Mary's sister married Edward I. Zych.
Her sister's children were Wanda, Bruno & Eddie.
This all that is known of this family or the Zych family at this time. I am looking for additonal information and will change this column when more is found.
One of Mary's relation's moved back to Poland with his family and I am unsure which one at this time.
The names Victor and Paulina have been mentioned and this may have been the peolple who moved back.  It is also not positive that Paulina is the true name of Victor's wife.  It is also very possible that Victor is not a direct relative to Mary but was the brother to Felix Stojak, Mary's husband.