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Stano Family Tree (Genealogy Site)
A Brief Stano Family History

How we all got here...

circa 1938

     Some time ago Frank Stano, my grandfather did a brave thing.  He decided to leave his native soil for a better life in America.  Before he could do so he was required by Polish Law that he had to sell or give away his holdings.  So he divided the family's wealth and lands to his brothers and boarded a ship bound for America.  
     Like many other Polish Immigrants my grandfather eventually migrated to Chicago, Illinois.  On February 21, 1914 he married Maryanna Micot at St. John Cantius Church in Chicago, Illinois.
St. John Cantius Church in Chicago, Illinois recorded in their,
"Registrum Matrimoniorum in Ecclesia Sancti Yoannis Cantii, Dioecesis: Chicagoe", the following information:
matrimonio conjunxi: Franciszek Stano;
e loco: Lisia Gora, Gal.;
 Filium Andrzeja i Anny Kocot;
baptizatum in Lisia Gora, Gal.; Dyec. Tarnow, Gal.;
  die: 9, mensis: III, Anni: 1887 in hac parochia,
cuju de statu libero satis constabat
et: Maryanna Micot;
 e loco: Przybyszowka, Gal.;
 Filiam:Filipa i Katarzyny Fruk
baptizatam in: Przybyszowka, Gal. Dyec. Przemysl, Gal.; die 22, mensis VIII; Anni 1898 in hac parochia,
  cujus de statu satis constabat
  presentibus testibus: Yan Kobylanski et Yan Kurek;
Hujus Matrimonii Notitiam Misi ad Rectores ecclesiarum in quibus praedicti Sponsi baptizati sunt.
rev. Fr. Pieczymski
My grandmother also immigrated from Poland but on her sister's passport.  Now Frank had a brother Piotr (Peter), who came to America aboard the Breslau through Ellis Island in NY in 1912, he also came to Chicago but due to a disagreement they never saw each other again. 
     Frank Stano & Maryanna Micol lived at 4843 Oakley Ave in Chicago, Illinois until they finally settled into their new home on McVicker Avenue also in Chicago.  They had three children.  Matthew John (known as Joe in Chicago) my father, John and Helen.  Matthew married Helen (Helena) Irene Stojak and had two children Patricia Marie and Robert Matthew.  John married Irene Barud and had two children Marilyn Sue and Diane. Helen married Stanly Wilieko and also had two children Carolyn and Nancy.
Frank Stano worked at Rose Hill Cemetary on Western Avenue in Chicago, Illinois as a caretaker.  He retired from Rosehill cemetary reluctantly.
Matthew Stano's family eventually moved to Maine. While John & Irene Stano & their family remained in Chicago, Illinois; Helen & Stanley Wilieko & their family also remained in Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Stano Family
From Left to Right: Matthew, Frank (Father), Mary (Mother), John & Helen


Stano - no variations found as of yet.
The surname of Kocot, as found on Frank Stano's marriage registry belongs to his mother Anny (Kocot) Stano and very little is known of this new found family.
The surname of MICOT, as registered on a marriage certificate - also has been seen on other documents as; Micon,or Michol. This could be an error in recording.
The surname of Fruk, also found on the marriage registry belongs to Maryanne Micot and is her mother Katarzyny (Fruk) Micot. This name is also being researched to locate those relatives.
The surname of Stojak, is tied to the Stano family through the Marriage Of Matthew Stano & Helen (Stojak) Stano.
The surname of Piotrowska (Piotrowski), is the maiden name of Marie (Piotrowska) Stojak, wife to Felik Stojak.
The surname of Olejarnik is tied to the Stano family through the maiden name of Marie Stojak daughter to John Piotrowski
The surname Zych, is tied to the Stano family name through the Stojak family name. Rose Stojak who later married Edward Zych and lived in Wisconsin was the sister to Felik Stojak.

I am also looking for relative's on the Stojak family side.  My mother's father was Felik Stojak.  He had a sister Rose Stojak (possible married name of Zych; her children's names were Eddie, Wanda, & Bruno).  living in Wisconsin. He may also have had a brother, whereabouts unknown.  My mother's mother Marie (Piotrawska) Stojak may also have had a sister living in Wisconsin. Marie also had a brother who with his family moved back to Poland.  Also a brother living in the Ukraine and a brother who moved to Canada (Augustine).  Both Felix and Marie immigrated to America from Poland.
Anyone having information about the lost relatives please contact:
Robert M. Stano at:  stano@cyberwc.net

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