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Stano Family Tree (Genealogy Site)
Stojak Family Name

Mauritius & Justina Stojak; the beginning of the Stojak History

Their love produced Felix, Pauline &
Victor all of whom enjoyed the love of their parents. They were born in Wroconta, Krasno, Galicia Poland. Whatever made the children decide to leave their native soil and love of their parents we perhaps will never know. They did decide to leave at an early age and like so many other immigrants they began a frieghtening journey into a land where people neither understood them or their language.

They did however, eventually find other people like themselves all immigrants trying to start a better life in a new
land and together they made America stronger.

Felix, Pauline and Victor arrived in Chicago, Illinois; where Felix met and married Mary Piotrowska. Pauline never married to my knowledge and it is unknown as to what had happened to Victor. The family story is that one day Felix and Victor had an argument and Victor left, never to see his brother again.

Felik Stojak

Felix (January 18, 1891 - July 15, 1947) and Mary (Piotrowska) September 08, 1892 - October 07, 1945) had four children they were:

Thaddeus Isadore Stojak (August 15, 1916 - February 07, 1995),
Helen Irene Stojak (September 24, 1917 - September 07, 2002),
Stanley Victor Stojak (July 15, 1919 - July 11, 1996) &
Edwin Maurice Stojak (December 02, 1930 - May 27, 1975).

Thaddeus never married, he led a solitary life and had a great love for baseball. He was the catalyst that kept the family together. He made sure all the family members were kept notified of family marriages & deaths.

Helen married Matthew Stano and together their children were:
Patricia Marie Stano &
Robert Matthew Stano.

Stanley married Orabelle (Clemmons) and together their children were:
Kristina Stojak &
Daniel Stojak.

Kristina married Thomas Polak,

Daniel married Sheila,

Edwin married Yolanda (Frulla) and together their children were:

Michael Stojak married ? 
Donna Marie Stojak married John Banks &
Edwin Joseph Stojak married ? & had two children

Family is the most important connection to our lives, when we forsake each other we give up our heritage and the meaning of why we exist.