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Stano Family Tree (Genealogy Site)
Stano Names I Have Found

Here you will find other Stano names or other family names that have contacted me through this site looking for help in their search.

FROM:  astano@kiski.net  - 
HI my name is Anthony Stano.or Tony I  live in Leechburg PA .and I am 48 years old . I have been working on our family tree for some time now . I know my grandfather Paul  Stano came to America in 1906 from Horne Pruba Slovakia  His father was Stephan Stano-Brdar  Paul had 3 brothers that I know of  John and Ondre that I am pretty sure they stayed  in Slovakia and Valent  who came here in 1910 . Paul and Valent settled here in Leechburg, the question I have for you is the name Stano-Brdar in your research did you come across any Stano-brdar or Stano-homa or Stano-pucek I was told they  came from a small town   and we are all related somehow. Thanks for any help Tony

FROM:  tamborah@bigpond.com  - 
Hi Robert, I live in Western Australia (www.tamborah.com) , and am trying to trace my father's relatives in Poland. His name is Jan Kornaus and was born in Lisia Gora  Feb 16th, 1914. He was a P.O.W. in Germany during the 2nd world war and married my mother Susanna Haunz in Mainz Germany in 1945 and migrated to Australia in 1950. He had intermittent contact with a brother (my uncle) who was I believe involved in the fire brigade, but from what I could ascertain contact was dropped due to the communist regime. I would like to be able to contact any relatives from there if at all possible and any help would be appreciated
..... kindest regards Hans-Richard Kornaus  (Rick) 

My name is Madalena Stano, my father is Henrique Stano - my grandfather is Josep Stano -Italian.
My family live in São Paulo-SP and Poços de Caldas -MG.
My e-mail:  mstano@uol.com.br

From John Kordic:    jkordic@yahoo.com
hello, my name is john kordic,
 i am a member of the stano family from cleveland ohio.
however...my stano family comes from trencin, slovakia

From Daniel Stano:       daniel.stano@wanadoo.fr

our family came in france at the beginning of 2nd world war. they came from a little village near BRATISLAVA : LUKA NAD VAHOM, okres TRENCIN I am interested about other stano from this area daniel, in France

From Antonio Stano:     antonio@stano.it

Stano family also located in Naples italy We also have a book on stano family origins if someone want an email @stano.it just contact me...

From Amanda:    poetess87@hotmail.com

I just thought I'd let you know of some more Stano's I know. I'm about to marry one in about two years. Mother's name: Dawn Altman. Married Rick Stano. Three Children: Shawn Stano, 18; Jeff Stano, 17; Heidi Stano, 16. Just thought I'd let you know. Never knew if they were part Polish or not. I know they're only part Italian, . Just thought maybe you could research that. We're in the great state of PA. -Amanda

From:  Bob Stano:    bobstano@wowway.com

My name is Robert A Stano and I live in Dearborn MI.
I am the son of Valentine J Stano.
I have an older sister Marilyn and a brother William.
My dads parents were right from the old country I don't know their names but
I can find out.
My dad cam from a family of 7.
All of his sibs have died except his older sister Martha Adair (Stano).
Let me know what other info you would like.
Robert A Stano

The above people mentioned are looking for help in locating their relations.  If anyone can provide any information or have question please contact them.